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Pet Care

Cats Protection
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Short Business Description: Protect your Cat – have her spayed, have him snipped.
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We can offer a free cat neutering service (eligibility criteria applies) along with transport and the use of a cat carrier.
Please call 07968 470323 for more information.

If you’ve made a new addition to your family by getting a kitten, you’ll need to make sure you’re not going to land yourself with a whole litter of kittens. Often, cats are neutered too late in life which unfortunately contributes to the number of unwanted cats in the area. We are urging people to get both their male and female cat neutered at 4 months old (before puberty hits) to stop the amount of unwanted cats there are in the area. It is just an old wives tale that cats need to have just one litter. Your cat can be much healthier and happier being neutered before she has a season.
Neutering is really important for your male cat too. He will less likely roam and get lost or even hit by a car. So many people report their cat as missing this time of year. They can roam for up to 5 miles in search for a female on heat which means he may come across other male cats and fight with them. Once he is neutered he will not be controlled by his hormones and is more likely to stay closer to home and reduce spraying.

Business Website Address: http://www.cats.org.uk/c4
Business Phone Number: 07968 470323
Lead the Way!
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Short Business Description: I provide dog walking, pet sitting and dog behaviour training in and around the Enfield area.
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My name is Charlotte Speller, and I am the proud owner of LEAD THE WAY! Animals of all types have always been and always will be my absolute passion. As a family we have always owned dogs (Shih Tzus, English Bull Terriers and Boxers) and various small domestic pets. Looking after their every need, making sure they are fit, well and contented, makes me happy. I have lived in Enfield all my life and I know the surrounding areas well.

Inspired by Brutus, my beautiful 3 years old Boxer, I have been working with a local dog training club for 3 years and started professionally dog walking in 2012. I have completed Level 2 and 3 in Canine Care Management and Training, Training and Behaviour as well as an Odin Instructors Course and Canine First Aid. Additionally, I have also obtained my Grade 2 with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers Instructors (BIPDT). Added to this, I am CRB (Police) checked, fully insured, and hold a full clean driving licence and have my own transport specifically tailored for the safe transportation for your pet(s).

I understand that pets needs are paramount to their happiness and yours. They need mental and physical stimulation as well as love and human interaction. But lives are busy and circumstances change, so let me be there for them when you can’t, and rest assured that I will love your pet (s) almost as much as you.

Whether you have a high energy dog that needs to a good romp to avoid them becoming destructive and loud, a pampered pooch who enjoys a more gentle, refined pace of life and a quiet mooch around the park, or an old faithful friend who just needs to be let out into his own garden to relieve himself and a bit of a cuddle – I can build a bond with them and you and meet all their physical and mental needs. In utilising my training skills you may even find they learn a few new tricks along the way! A tired dog is a contented, happy dog.

Business Website Address: leadthewaywalkers.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 07592209198