The Give and Take Charity Forum takes Enfield by Storm

Enfield has a well established business and networking environment. A wide range of business and general networking opportunities and forums exist to serve local residents and those wanting to come into Enfield and meet people of like-minds, pursuits and needs.

In what can only be described as a ground breaking and forward thinking event, on Friday 19th April 2013, Enfield Together along with over 28 other exhibitors, the general public and local politicians and digniatories attended the Give and Take, Charity Forum event. 

Born out of a recognised need for charities to benefit more greatly and widely from Enfield’s rich networking scene, its founder and figurehead, Aziz Khalidi, along with a handful of volunteers and supporters promoted and arranged a very ambitious event

With some help from local community and business networkers  including Enfield Local Communities Together, The We Network, More Business Network, and many others,  in one room were gathered a wide range of business and community networking agencies, charities, local council, NHS funded projects and local philanthropic agencies.

The event included both a sharing of skills and knowledge as well as a joint aspiration to ensure the charity, community and voluntary and business sector work more together, to ensure access for all sectors to each other.

The message, when I with spoke Aziz, who is the coordinator and key driver for the event, is that a more formalised approach is required to improve the environment for participation by  charities and the voluntary sector in Enfield, to include quarterly planning meetings; to  maintain the dialogue and collaboration shown at this event; and plan for an even bigger and better Give and Take event next year. I think we can safely say – watch this space Enfield, we have something to be really proud of that has the potential to grow from strength to strength, and become a very valuable networking asset.

By George Nahlis – 21 April 2013