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Young People and the future – Your views

Do you have a view or experiences to share about young people and the future. Lots of people are involved in working with young people and also on building self-esteem and confidence.

So what are your views?

Let’s start with the following YouGov and NUS polls respectively, taken in July 12 and November 12, just before the recent student rally.

July 12 – YouGov
Eighteen to twenty-four year olds are broadly optimistic about their future with a 2:1 split between optimism and pessimism (67% against 33%). This runs in contrast to their attitudes towards issues of jobs and housing, with a majority of youngsters worried about being able to get or keep a decent job, and nearly half of them are concerned they won’t be able to afford a decent home. 12 – NUS
Four out of five parents fear their children will leave home later than they did, in a sign of the deepening gloom about the country’s economic prospects. A new YouGov survey reveals widespread anxiety over the future, with 79% confessing to concerns over when the new generation will spread their wings.
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